About us

Vision :

Advancing God’s Kingdom (Matt 6:33Matt 24:14) by transforming lives (Rom 12:2) into Christ-likeness (Rom 8:29) and in Christ’s fullness (Eph 3:19) through God’s love and power(2 Tim 1:7)


To grow spiritually and be a Spirit-filled church that works continuously to transform people to have a Christ-like character.

To be a church that passionately loves the Lord and serves the people in God’s love.
Equipping people to fulfill their God-given destinies and being successful and prosperous in life.
A church that believes in the supernatural intervention of God, operating in the gifts and fruits of the Spirit for the glory of God. See ourselves as a community having a sense of family in our midst.
We see our church advancing people closer to God.
We see ourselves as a Church that would shine forth as the light, and be as salt in this world  by working towards the development of our nation